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This is ur body!



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The Most Likable of All the Angry Birds :p

The Most Likable of All the Angry Birds :p

If you’re not yet an Angry-Bird convert, what are you waiting for? The game is way more fun than it should be considering it’s just slingshotting flocks of deformed birds at evil green pigs for hours on end. For the millions of you that are Angry Birds addicts. Which one is your favorite?

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Where r u? :p

Where r u? :p

Do you work in a cubicle? Do you know someone who does? Do you know someone who knows someone who does? In any case, chances are you’ve heard the opinions floating around out there about cubicles. They get bashed often and for many reasons. Yet, employers (and even some employees) insist on them and have their own opinions and reasons for their preferences. This infographic not only reveals some of those opinions and reactions, it also gives an insight into the “typical” office hierarchy structure, all the way from CEO down to intern. Of course, a bit of humor has been added to make light of a long, exhausting day at work. It also offers some amusing office life tid-bits that reveal some very interesting interactions and inner thoughts that the average employee experiences at work on a daily basis.

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Weekend is coming :p


Throwing a blow-out bash or just a simple dinner party? The cornerstone of get-togethers is often the food and drink served and you can make a lasting impression by knowing the best drinks and how to make them. Here is a simple guide to party drinks to wow your next batch of guests.

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Many people in the world enjoy a daily cup or two of coffee. It perks us up in the morning and gets us ready to face the day. This is all thanks to caffeine. Although we enjoy it on a regular basis, many of us don’t know how it works. Here is an in-depth look at caffeine.




A Creative visualization on a yummi topic!!


My Day hour by hour


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