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Pixelated Art

Pixelated Famous Works Of Art

We’ve seen famous works geekified, cartoonized, Photoshopped, even recreated with balloons… Now artist Joo Jaebum brings us Pixelated Art. Taking inspiration from artists like Warhol, Picasso, Van Gogh, and others, Joo recreates the classic works square by square. It’s kinda like a modern, tech-y version of Pointillism.


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Yes, Paintings

Ridiculously Realistic Paintings Of Dessert

 These are super realistic paintings by artist Mary Ellen Johnson and they look good enough to eat!!!

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Cookie + Ice cream


Why Your Weight Loss Plans Just Failed

Ice cream in between two cookies, because enjoying just one of those treats isn’t satisfying enough. With this little tool, you can create professional-looking, mini ice cream sandwiches right at home. Simply stamp the press into a cookie, scoop in some ice cream, stamp another cookie layer and then swirl the handle to pop the perfect treat out of the mold!!

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A funny Book


The Funny Food Book

Do you have trouble getting your kid to try new foods? The Funny Food Book by Bill and Claire Wurtzel is just the thing you need. It’s got 365 fun recipe tutorials that are certain to get your picky eater to give the meal a try. It just tastes better that way!

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Furniture Waffle?

Mini Furniture Waffle Mold

Coming across Mini Furniture Waffle Mold marks the moment in my life when I’ve officially seen it all. It was created by artists Ryosuke Fukusada and Rui Pereira. Per their description:

This project was born as a reflection about the velocity of the contemporary furniture industry and how the consumers are unable to digest the huge amount of new products launched every year. For this Salone we propose an alternative way of experiencing furniture. We present furniture pan, an object that mixes both traditional Japanese small cakes ‘baby castella’ with a Portuguese egg based pastry called ‘ovos moles’. Using the same molding technique we created a new typology of object and at the same time a new tradition…

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Sweet Bike

The World’s Sweetest Bike

If you like candy this much, I would hope that a bicycle is your primary mode of transportation, because I’m not sure how else you would burn off all of these calories. Even then, you would need something to help take the edge off and regulate your blood sugar. I know, I’m no fun. The Candy Bike, designed by art student Britta Hope, is made up of all sorts of candy, right down to the wheels, and is finished with a giant cupcake basket on the back. Nutrition aside, it certainly looks pretty and about as functional as a standard one

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Lovely Mother…

Your Mom Makes A Mean Bento Box

Last summer mom Heather Sitarzewski decided she would make her son a unique bento box for lunch every day. She’s kept at it and just keeps getting better and better. The lunches are inspired by movies, games, animals, holidays, and many depict Disney characters. All of em are amazing. So amazing I have a feeling they could convince me to eat anything—even vegetables! I know, I can hardly believe it myself. Damn, she’s good. Now… I feel tricked. Tricked and hungry.

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